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Hi!  I’m a cartoonist-illustrator that specializes in comics for the children's market… creating original & licensed-character artwork for publishing, advertising, merchandising, and the web!


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My characters, spot art, puzzles, games, illustration, and narrative comics have been featured in the magazines and books of almost every major educational-services publisher…


Current and past clients include:

Scholastic · Sesame Workshop ( CTW ) · King Features · Highlights for Children · Avon Products · Troll Books · Macmillan · McGraw-Hill · Washington Post · Nickelodeon · Henson Assoc. · Marvel Comics · Welsh Publishing · Saatchi & Saatchi · McClanahan & Co. · Simon & Schuster · Kellogg’s · MacFadden Trade Publishing · Playboy · Garner & Nevins (Summit Marketing) · Pearson Education · Seaworld · FCB · CAPTV · Time for Kids · Random House · Publishing Int’l · Meredith Books · World Wrestling Entertainment ·


In addition to my many original creations, my ability to render licensed-characters has won me wide acclaim and distinction in the world of mass marketing as well!  In fact, my "How to Draw Pokemon" book was on the New York Times Top-Ten bestseller list of 1999!


Some of the licensed characters that I have drawn with full creator approval include:


Disney: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Little Mermaid, Belle, Aladdin...

Kellogg's: Tony the Tiger, Krispie Kids, Toucan Sam, Dig'em, Corny...

Sesame Street: Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Oscar, Cookie Monster, Grover...





Berenstein Bears


Dora the Explorer


Go, Diego, Go!


Backyard Sports

And more!





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